GSI has many years of experience providing solutions to clients that have enabled them to make their internal GIS the sole source (record of truth) for spatial information company-wide across several different industries. Here are few of the key industries we currently work and provide services for:


GSI understands how Oil & Gas and pipeline companies are being driven by the regualtory requirements to ensure their data is up to date, provable and auditable. We provide industry knowledgeable consultants to develop applications and tools for web and desktop environments. Some of our applications include:

  • Building Esri ArcMap add-ins for ArcGIS Desktop to address custom workflows
  • Integration of GIS into company-wide management-of-change applications
  • Provided custom Python development to automate workflows
  • Developed QA/QC and data loading applications to increase the efficiency and improve data quality
  • We can work with your existing PODS or APDM data
  • We provide PODS Spatial or APDM pipeline editing tools through an ArcGIS add-in
  • We have built leak management and integrity solutions
  • We developed SCADA dashboards on HTML5 and JavaScript to view all your data


GSI provides experienced developers and analyst with utility industry knowledge to design, build and maintain software systems from the desktop to the enterprise. We have provided utility customers with applications and tools for web and desktop environments.

  • We are experienced in ArcFM, implementations and upgrades to existing code
  • We built ArcFM to SAP integration
  • We have built QA/QC tools for data integrity
  • We have integrated word order management system to ArcGIS and ArcFM
  • Built custom GIS web-based viewers working with the Esri JavaScript API
  • Built custom GIS web-based viewers with open-source libraries such as OpenLayers, Leaflet, and MapGuide
  • Provided GIS to SAP integration services
  • Custom Python development to automate workflows
  • GIS services using Python, GeoJSON and open-source stacks
  • SCADA / GIS integrated dashboards


  • GSI personnel have worked with airports, ports, coastal, marine and vessel clients in these challenging environments
  • Our personnel have built highly integrated and complex asset management systems for ports and airports dealing with both terrestrial and marine systems
  • We have built custom web-based GIS solutions for presenting offshore assets to users
  • We have architected custom Portal for ArcGIS solutions
  • We have developed vessel tracking systems using real-time AIS data and geofences
  • Developed asset tracking and reporting systems using AIS data and electronic document management systems
  • Built spill response, emergency response, enviromental portals


  • Custom web-based GIS solutions to provide more open access to GIS data
  • System maintenance and support services

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