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Alagasco - GSI Geoportal Solution

Client Challenge:

The Client had reached end-of-life for support with an existing Silverlight GIS Viewer. Limitations with the existing tool resulted in users turning to third-party products for their daily GIS workflow. The lack of notifications when field crews reported data problems had also resulted in a decreased adoption rate by field crews.

GeoFac Systems Solution:

GSI built and delivered the GSI Geoportal Solution, a single-page application providing users with an HTML5 touch enabled GIS viewer. The system, built on the Esri JavaScript API, Dojo Toolkit, and ASP.Net WebAPI, provides a lightweight browser application with simple workflows for users to explore and navigate through available GIS content. The modular design of the code allows for new widgets to be quickly built and deployed to users. Closely integrated with the WebAPI and the configuration database, system administrators can configure and deploy multiple viewers through adding a new profile to the database. Tools include simple dynamically generated custom searches, advanced search, and redlining. The GSI Redline widget allows users to produce redline sets and save them for later retrieval. When integrated with the notification system users can be notified when new redlines or comments have been added or edited.


The Geoportal Solution has provided the client with a robust web-based mapping application that can integrate workflows between the office GSI staff and users across the entire organization. Users are now turning to the internal GIS for all mapping needs and communication has improved between field crews and office GIS staff, leading to improved data quality.

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